Backpacking Brew Kit

Backpacking Brew Kit

I put this backpacking brew kit together so I would always have the makings for a hot drink with me when out and about.

Tea the most important drink of the day – or hike.

Over the years I have used a series of pouches to hold my tea making supplies, from simple stuff sacks to more complicated belt pouches, both large (when I thought I needed to have everything and small when I weighed the big packs and then down-sized! For now I am using a pocket sized reinforced plastic pouch, with a security loop and a sturdy zip.

I have changed to a plastic pouch, following the previous neoprene pouch getting wet and then not being able to dry it out when camping – see here.

Backpacking Brew Kit

Over time and depending on the trip the contents vary but  a typical list of contents are:

  • 5 tea bags
  • 1 Chai tea bag or other fruit of flavoured tea
  • 1 good quality coffee stick
  • 2 sugar packets
  • Sauce sachet
  • 30ml nalgene bottle of dried milk

This is enough for tea for a weekend backpacking trip. I do not normally take sugar in my tea but I include some in the backpacking brew kit for those times I could use an energy boost. The Nalgene bottle was supplied as part of this kit.

I have also added some useful extra items:

  • 2 paper napkins – rolled up tighly
  • 2 KFC wet wipes
  • Small refillable gas lighter – it has a stronger flame than a disposable lighter
  • Army style can opener
  • Salt and pepper packs

Backpacking Brew Kit

I keep a lighter in the backpacking brew kit so it is to hand when needed. The tin opener is a spare, but it is not used much when I am backpacking as I do not usually carry tins. It is more useful when camping, but even then my go to tin opener is on my Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Knife. The salt and pepper are used when I am backpacking as part of my menu planning.

There is enough room in the case to add one or two extra packets of instant coffee or a small sachet of hot chocolate – if you buy the right brand.

For a full description of my backpacking cooking gear go here.

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Tea break on the Southern Upland Way, Easter 2016
Tea break on the Southern Upland Way, Easter 2016

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    1. There are no manufacturer’s marks. I bought it in the stationery section of Trago Mills in Falmouth a couple of years ago.

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