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Sharing an office with Nick ‪@firstaidnick @OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

For a change I am sharing a box, at the Football Stadium today, with Nick from Hargreaves First Aid. It was good to have company whilst working, but he was doing an online first aid course which spent a lot of time talking about blood, wounds and bleeding – I did not have to look at the pictures!

Sharing an office with Nick ‪@firstaidnick @OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

Back to work today ‪@OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus ‪@PositiveNW

Back to work today ‪@OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

Back in Box 12 today, looking at the Cathedral just coming out of the fog and LCFC’s well used pitch.

A full day of meetings planned, which includes Positive Networking tonight and my virtual in tray is full! At least Ian and his team had the coffee pot on when I arrived here this morning.