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Mug of tea

Mug of tea

I have been working all day at Jeremy’s flat on his laptop. Last week, one of our suppliers failed to complete their part of a project on time, so I had to complete the Octagon part today. We will deliver the work to the client on schedule. It took all day as I also had to write a manual as I went along, so Jeremy did my shopping and provided lunch and dinner. But I did get the job done.

When I got back to the campsite, I knew rain was on the way, I’d driven through it, so I quickly settled into my tent.

It is now gently raining on the tent and time for some tea and a book.

Updated website image

I have been tweaking my lightweight backpacking cooking kit.

lightweight backpacking cooking kit

I have replaced my Alpkit Kraku stove with the latest version. I bought one of the original models when they were released in December 2013 and it has done excellent service, but the o-ring seal became unreliable in September last year. Alpkit sent me some replacement rings but they kept failing – the latest design has a higher valve assembly and a different type of o-ring. So it was time for a new stove.

I have changed my tea-towel for a lightweight pack towel, replaced the battered homemade windshield for another homemade windshield and found an even lighter lid to use as a chopping board.

Photos from my trip to Scotland


Walking out form the campsite.

Walking near Lauder

A murder of crows
A murder of crows

Walking near Lauder

Walking near Lauder

Walking near Lauder

Walking near Lauder

Hill Fort and Settlement

Hill Fort and Settlement  - Scotland

Hill Fort and Settlement  - Scotland


Woodland walking


Melting snow

After the snow I went into a snowless Edinburgh.



Lauder Common

Because of an afternoon conference call for a client, I only had time for a short morning walk.

click on the above image for a larger version

There was a convenient bench up in the hills for a tea break.

Lauder Common tea break

I had packed my titanium meths stove for this trip – my Alpkit gas stove o-ring seal has been giving me some problems. It was completely still, when I came to make some tea later in the evening, so I sat at the picnic table and brewed up.

Vango titanium meths stove and Alpkit gear



Lauder Scotland

Lauder Scotland

And a “VR”.

I spent a showery afternoon, in the car, drinking tea and watching videos on my iPhone.

Lauder Camping and Caravan Club Site

Lauder Camping and Caravan Club Site

Friday – on the way to Lincoln!

Jedburgh Abbey
Jedburgh Abbey

A68 South of the Border

The view from my tent at 5am – hot coffee in hand @OctagonT

Lauder Campsite - April snow
Lauder Campsite – April snow

I woke during the night to hear the patter of snow on my tent, but as I was warm in my goose down sleeping bag, I went back to sleep.

I woke up again at about 5am, made some coffee and shot this view from my tent, from inside my sleeping bag.

Backpacking cookware – walking in the cold and rain – and lunch ‪@Alpkit‬

Time to try out some new backpacking cookware.

Having spent the morning working on Octagon time sheets, spread sheets and presentations, I headed off at lunch time for a walk across the Lincolnshire fields.

A couple of weeks back, I bought an Alpkit MytiPot 900 and thought I would give it a try out today. I packed a homemade ready meal (fresh pasta, homemade Italian tomato sauce with mushrooms), and my lightweight Alpkit cooking gear.

  • Kraku stove
  • MytiPot 900
  • MytiMug 400
  • SnapWire spoon

The walk was grey, wet, cold and muddy underfoot but it was away from my laptop. I took my mind off the weather with “The Girl who Played with Fire” audiobook on my iPod.

Alpkit lightweight backpacking cookware

In a small wood near the village I found a fallen tree that made a good seat for lunch. I boiled the water for my coffee in the titanium mug first, then heated the pasta in the Alpkit MytiPot, stirring it well.

Alpkit lightweight backpacking cookware
I carried the backpacking cookware in a Finnish gas mask bag

Titanium backpacking cookware is excellent if all you consider is the weight and strength. The problems come with the cost and cooking in a thin walled pot. Alpkit helps with the cost – their prices are lower than other suppliers and they have a comprehensive selection of backpacking cookware.

My top tip if you use your titanium backpacking cookware for more than just boiling water, is stir the food well… very well. The titanium conducts the heat efficiently, but hot spots easily form and then the food burns. I stirred my lunch constantly and moved the pot over the burner and still some food caught. You can see the results below, not a disaster, but if I had stopped stirring things could have gone very badly. If it burns too much is may also spoil the food.

backpacking cookware

Why did I buy more backpacking cookware?

  • Top of the list is that Diana and I are going camping together and I wanted a titanium “kettle” large enough to brew tea for two.
  • I want to do more cooking when lightweight camping – rather than just reheating food.
  • This size and shape of pot could be used as a bowl to eat out of or for washing up etc.