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Study Day

University of Lincoln Central Library

The plan today is to work all day here at the University of Lincoln library.

Although I am a student at Edinburgh Napier, I have been able to register here in Lincoln, to use the university library – this gives me an opportunity to get on with my studies. The third floor is the “silent” floor – not just because it was empty – more students did come along later. I expect as the term progresses it will get busier.

2000 days

2000 days

Today is the 2000th day of making “a photo a day”.

The first photo.

The 1000th post.

The photos have covered many subjects, from flowers and plants (one of my most popular subjects) to mountain views, camping and computer screens. The subjects of the images have been very varied, it depends on what catches my eye that day.

The photos made whilst camping, walking and backpacking are among my favourites.

Wild Camping – Old Man of Coniston

The view from my tent at 5am – hot coffee in hand

First “Camp Coffee” of 2016

Some days I get plenty of time to find a shot, others it is jammed into a busy schedule, hence the computer screens! Some photos have been for the Octagon Technology blog – that particular image was going to be yesterday’s photo but I passed a rose in my way home, that had caught a few rain drops, so I changed my mind.

Using my iPhone makes this project sustainable – it is always within reach and the image processing and blogging software is right there. Occasionally I have been without internet access and the photo has been posted the next day, (I adjust the blog date so the sequence is not broken), but that does not happen often.

No big tips on how to take a photo every day, except have your camera at hand.

So that’s it – day 2000, onto 2001, 2002, 2003…