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Walking near Sudbrooke

I took the MX-5 out this morning and drove over to Sudbrooke. I had been looking at the OS map and there is an interesting network of paths around Sudbrooke.

Sudbrooke Park

Tea break - traditional canvas and leather rucksack
Tea break

I was using a mix of old and new gear today. On the way out I stopped off and bought some Karrimor walking shoes. The pack I was using was my brother-in-law Phil’s, a traditional canvas, leather and brass rucksack. It is a useful size for a day pack or overnight bag but if it not packed carefully, or packed too heavy it is uncomfortable to carry. The walking shoes on the other hand were very comfortable. I am planning to use them rather than my Berghaus boots, for lighter, good weather walking, such and this morning.

Karrimor Bodmin Low IV weathertite walking shoes
Karrimor Bodmin Low IV weathertite walking shoes

Sudbrooke Park

Tea on the Southern Upland Way

It froze last night! There was frost on the grass and ice on the windows of the MX-5 when I got up. My sleeping gear kept me warm throughout the night but it was chilly whilst I was having my breakfast.

After sorting some things for Octagon, which included driving out to get a better internet connection, I set off from Lauder to walk some more of the Southern Upland Way.

I came across this picnic table at just about the time for a tea break – great view, tucked away out of the wind and a sun trap.

Tea on the Southern Upland Way
Lightweight titanium Alpkit brew kit – Kraku stove, MytiMug 400 and a Snapwire spoon.

Tea – Remote Working – OneNote

Today’s photo is for an article Kamila is writing for Octagon about the way we are a company that fully embraces remote and home working.

Home working and remote working Octagon Technology Lincolnshire

The shot was not staged. I had stopped off in Octagon’s current favourite wifi cafe to write up some notes in Microsoft OneNote on my iPod Touch. Once synchronised other members of the Octagon team can quickly be using my notes.

Being able to work where ever I am is good for my time management. I can work on and share files in the cloud between meetings and appointments without wasting time travelling back to a fixed office.

Battery life

When working on the road, keeping things charged is always a priority. By using my iPod Touch it saves the battery life of my iPhone and iPad. The owners of this cafe have allowed me charge my phone whilst having lunch.

At Octagon we are helping our clients to take advantage of the benefits of home and remote working, saving money and creating a happy teams.