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A busy day…

I have had a really crowded day, demonstrating the Cloud computing on both iPads and Android tablets to clients, finishing a report about my research I have been carrying out for a client for the past few days and a couple of telephone support jobs. In between this I finished off the site for My Head’s a Bit Fuzzy podcast. So my photo is from my Mother’s garden.


It would have been better if it had had a podcast theme!

Go here for the podcast promo.

WordPress – Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Limit Login Attempts

Below are some screen shoys of emails I have got from my WordPress site. These are the reasons you should install the Limit Login Attempts plugin by Johan Eenfeldt for your WordPress site.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts

I regularly get reports from all my WordPress sites telling me someone has been trying to log in – sorry break in – to my Admin Dashboards.

I would not run a WordPress site without installing this plugin – and next week we are going to check all our client sites to ensure they are running this plugin.

For full details about this WordPress plugin see here.

WordPress to Facebook Link

For a couple of years I have been linking my blog to my Facebook page using a plugin by Marcel Bokhorst but it stopped working eight days ago. I am not sure whether it was the fault of Facebook or the plugin but I could not get it to work again. So I have dumped it from my WordPress site and all of our client WordPress sites I look after and have started to use the Facebook link in the Jetpack plugin.

This break has meant that my “Photo a Day” images since the 6th of February have not appeared on Facebook – they are however still in my blog – here.

Here is one of the missing shots.