West Highland Way – All packed

All packed & ready (for anything) | richardgoeswalking.

So tomorrow I am off to Scotland, and the West Highland Way, with my optimistic walking companion Richard. See his blog entry above.

I have everything packed, but it looks a very small pile of kit – although I have included two backpacks! I had packed my Karrimor 25l day pack, but I have changed my mind and I now have decided to use my Golite Jam 2, it compresses quite well and will give me the extra comfort and space for the day we have to carry our overnight kit (there is one B&B where it will cost too much to ship our large case there).

Another thing I needed to sort before leaving – my iPhone has gone wrong again. See this post – I have tried the “putting the earphone plug in and out” and the “restore my iPhone completely” options but still no phone audio. I was really impressed by one of the Apple Support suggestions – “turn the volume up!”. So I am off to Scotland with a phone that only half works, I will be using the blue tooth earphone and hope the charge on the iPhone lasts all day!

You can follow our adventure, day by day, by following the links below to the daily blog entries and photos…

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