Late lunch, Birch Wood, Southrey

Having spent most of the day at a successful meeting Dolly Char in Horncastle – I stopped on the way home to eat my sandwiches.

Camping coffee

This morning I had packed a small bottle of water and my backpacking cook set, in my work bag, just in case the sun came out. It did, so I pulled over at a spot I have used before, for lunch. (That day I posted the 1000th post to this blog.)

A short walk into the wood I found some convenient logs to set up on and made some fresh coffee.

Birch Wood, Southrey, Lincolnshire

Birch Wood, Southrey, Lincolnshire

Luckily the spot also had a good phone signal, as having been in a long meeting, I had to deal with a number of phone calls now I had stopped for lunch!