A very wet walk – but a dry Finnish Gas Mask Bag

I chose the very worst time today to go for a walk! I had planned to walk down to the river and make some tea there, before walking back to the office and getting on with some work. I did not make it, the rain was so hard I turned back.

Raining in Branston Lincolnshire

In the positive side I was using my Finnish Gas Mask Bag and it did an excellent job of keeping my Army water bottle, sit mat and backpacking cooking gear completely dry. The only thing to remember, to keep the rain out, is to make sure the lid is fitted correctly when fastening the bag.

The sun came out once I was back in the office!

Today @OctagonT @ChattertonsLaw @Guitars4George

The day started with a networking meeting with Kate Twigg, from Chattertons Solicitors. We talked about our businesses and how we help people with problems as well other less work related subjects. Kate offered me some help about a will. I gave her some ideas on how to enjoy real coffee when camping.

I then went on to help Guitar George with a problem on his computer.

Skull electric guitar - Guitar George

Whilst at George’s he showed me the guitar above. He has made this as a display guitar for advertising – however if you are into heavy metal he could be persuaded to sell. The guitar includes flashing LEDs between the frets and a hard wearing finish on the body.