Coffee at Northern Tea Merchants @TeaMerchant with @alexkingsley

I went across to Chesterfield today to see Alex and he took me to the Northern Tea Merchants for coffee and a cake. What an experience.

The first thing you have to do is choose your beans, then they freshly ground your choice before making the coffee just for you. Whilst they make you drink, you take a seat in their “interesting shop” and then your food and drink is brought to your table. No hanging around in that pack of customers waiting for your coffee to be given to you like you get in the chains!

Alex and I chose the same beans and had a cafetière for two (6 cups), a choice of cream or milk, two cakes and change from £7.

Northern Tea Merchants Chesterfield

This is the coffee we chose:

Cuban Serrano Northern Tea Merchants Chesterfield

And I bought some to take home.

Coffee from the Northern Tea Merchants Chesterfield

I have driven past this shop many time when going to and from the Peak District and did not know it was there – but next time I am passing I am going to stop and get a coffee.

They sell tea as well.