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I work in technology and system support at Octagon Technology, where I am the Technical Director and responsible for the delivery of client support. The company is based in Lincoln – the original one in the UK. The website www.octagontech.com is based on WordPress and was developed by my friend Richard, who used to run a web development compamy, but who gave that up to follow his dream of being a pro-photographer. We now have the expertise in the company to develop and maintain WordPress websites.

I am interested in mobile computing and have had a wide range of PDAs over the years and it was whilst walking with Richard, practising for the Coast to Coast walk that we decided to blog the walk with photos from our mobile phones. I am pleased to say that Richard sorted the technology and the results are here.

This blog is going to be about using mobile technology, walking, photography and other stuff. For it to be mobile technology it should be able to be carried in a pocket – however it may be a large pocket!

Update January 2011

I started this blog in the summer of 2008 with good intentions but they didn’t continue – but now I have found the WordPress App for my new iPhone so I think I will give this a another go. Let’s see if I can post regular updates.

Other Stuff


Wife Diana – we both work at Octagon Technology

Children – Michael, Jeremy and Sophie

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Home town Branston near Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Radio Amateur License – G1BSN

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