Backpacking Cooking Gear

Backpacking Cooking Gear

I have made some changes to my backpacking cooking gear for 2016.

Lightweight and compact is everything!

I have replaced the MSR titanium mug with an Alpkit MytiMug 400 and the alloy spoon with a folding Alpkit SnapWire spoon – both titanium and both presents from Jeremy.

The folding spoon is easier to pack into the Footloose sack compared to the longer alloy spoon. To match this I have cut down the handle of the tea strainer/coffee maker.

I still have two lighters – the spare is in the brew kit. I carry a firesteel but it is no longer packed in the cooking kit. The microfiber cloth I am using is really good for drying up and it dries quickly, even when just hanging up inside my one-man tent overnight.



  • Alpkit Kraku ultra-lightweight gas stove (45g) and stove bag. I replaced the bag string with high visibility orange cord. The small black bag was always getting misplaced in my tent, now I can find it easily.  (1)
  • Windproof refillable gas lighter. The high visibility orange cord includes a reflective thread. (2)
  • Homemade heavy duty aluminium foil wind shield. (3)
  • Alpkit MytiMug 400 titanium mug and lid. Used as a mug and a cooking pot. (4)


  • Plastic beaker with lid. This is a second mug when the titanium mug is being used as a cooking pot. The lid makes it a useful storage container and it is big enough to rehydrate a pack of noodles in. (5)
  • Plastic cutting board. This is a recycled lid from a fruit pot. Some kind of chopping board is often overlooked and having something to cut on saves other bits of kit, lids or plates getting damaged. When it gets too scratched I will replace it. (6)
  • Silicone mug lid/coaster/pot lifter. It keeps flies out of my tea but also protects my groundsheet from a hot pot. (7)
  • Alpkit titanium SnapWire folding spoon. (9)
  • Victorinox Camper SAK. (10)
  • “Camp” folding spoon and knife – I have had this since my Grandparents bought it for me in 1986 and it has been traveling with me since then. (11)
  • Tea strainer/Camp coffee maker. (12)
  • GSI pot lifter – a silicon rubber finger protector that allows the mug handles, mug lid and wind shield to be handled safely when hot. This is an excellent piece of kit. (13)

Washing up and Hygiene (8)

  • Yellow microfiber cloth for drying up (all the rest of the items are set out on it).
  • 1/4 washing up sponge.
  • 20ml multi–purpose bio–degradable soap – for washing up, cleaning clothes or person. I decant some into a hotel shampoo bottle. See the details about the soap here.
  • Alcohol hand cleaner – hygiene is essential when camp cooking.
  • A cut down piece of scouring pad.
  • A cut down piece of kitchen cloth.
  • Heavy duty plastic sheet 40 x 25cm. I put this on the ground for making a clean cooking area. (14)


  • 1l roll up water bottle with sports top for easy, controlled pouring. (15)


  • 50ml Nalgene bottle of ground coffee. (17)
  • 30ml Nalgene bottle of dried milk. (18)
  • 1oz spirit bottle. (19)
  • Two section GSI spice shaker. It is made for salt and pepper, I use it for sumac and smoked sweet paprika. These are spices that I can simply sprinkle over food to make it more interesting. (20)
  • Small pack for tea making supplies – the details are here. I carry salt and pepper packets in this pack. (21)
  • Plastic bag and wire tie for rubbish. (22)

This kit (except the water bottle, wind shield and plastic sheet) packs into the Footloose stuff sack (16). When packed I can also fit a 100g gas canister in the bag.

Backpacking cook set packed with Platypus water bottle, Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Knife and homemade wind break and mat
The Swiss Army knife goes in my pocket

This compact kit is also useful when I am travelling for work or pleasure but staying in a hotel – see my blog post here.

Follow this link for the weights of this cooking gear, download the free spreadsheet which lists all my current backpacking gear and weights.

Solo backpacking cookset - making early morning coffee with lightweight camping cooking utensils
Solo backpacking cookset – making early morning coffee with my lightweight backpacking cooking gear
Easter 2016, Lauder, Scotland.


The above is the “ready to go” backpacking cooking gear, in the photo below is a selection of other lightweight camping cooking utensils I carry on longer trips, when camping with the car and when I need extra backpacking cookset gear if friends and family come with me.

lightweight camp cookset

  • Alpkit titanium MytiMug with lid (700ml)
  • Steel British Army Crusader mug (750ml) with a homemade lid from the British Army Crusader backpacking cookset – I have the stove as well but do not use it often.
  • Light My Fire mug/bowl (350ml) with a lid
  • Sea to Summit alloy spoon – for stirring deep down into the cooking pots.
  • 250ml nalgene bottle – I usually use this for whisky.
  • 100ml nalgene bottle of dried milk.
  • 30ml nalgene bottle of olive oil.
  • 50ml nalgene bottles for various, dried milk, oil, ground coffee etc.
  • 50ml and 25ml nalgene pots for jam, peanut butter etc.
  • Go Tubbs for herbs and spices.
  • Light My Fire three way spice box – smoked paprika, sumac, garam masala.
  • Air tight tub of Chai tea bags.
  • Small bottle of concentrated washing up liquid.
  • Salt and pepper packets in a recycled lifeboat match canister.
  • Tin of various tea bags, coffee, sugar, jam sachets, sauce packs etc. (This is a replica World War 1 Christmas gift tin.)
  • Hardboard base for hot pots and the stove.

New for 2017

Alpkit MytiPot 900
Alpkit MytiPot 900

GSI Infinity Backpacking Mug
GSI Infinity Backpacking Mug

Previous Backpacking Cookset and lightweight camping cooking utensils

Below are photos of my previous backpacking cooking gear kits – only the photos, no notes for the numbering now, but I have kept the images here as they are listed on Pintrest.

Backpacking Cooking Gear

Lightweight cooking gear update 2014

Backpacking Cooking Gear

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  1. Pretty comprehensive, going to do the West Highland Way next year and plenty of Munro’s towards the end of this season. I think I will be using ideas from your kit. One Question, how did you make the lid for your titanium mug?

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