Backpacking Equipment List

My personal backpacking equipment list

Here you can download for free, a spread sheet, that details my current 24 hour/overnight backpacking equipment list. The weight of each item is recorded and totalled so I can keep track of how much equipment I am carrying. This is a UK backpacking kit list, suitable for a mild, three seasons.

I regularly update this sheet so check back regularly to see what weight I have saved, or sacrificed when I change my gear.

Equipment list spread sheet

It lists:

  • Sleeping, cooking and camping gear
  • Essential and spare clothing
  • First Aid and “Possibles”
  • Tools, navigation and emergency items
  • Weekend menus
  • Supermarket food useful for backpacking
  • A generic kit list for you to build on – which includes the formulas for metric and imperial weights

My equipment and walking practice is not “extreme”. I resist the temptation to cut the handle off my toothbrush, boil water in an old beer can or dress in plastic bags. However I do respect the hiker who uses a sub 10lb and even a sub 5lb pack. I’d like to get down to those weights, but to be honest, that style is not for me. I prefer a little comfort and some luxuries when backpacking.

To achieve this I started by drawing up a backpacking equipment list (on a spread sheet) of the things I take on a two day hiking trip. I then got some electronic scales, that measured to the gram and I started weighing every item on the list. Then I carefully considered whether I needed each bit of kit.

At first the list was too heavy – and that is where the fun and experimentation started and it still continues.

Click here to download a spread sheet of the actual carry for my “Star Wars” Wild Camp.

I have pages above that describe more fully some of the elements of my backpacking gear list: look under “Current Hiking Gear”.

My backpacking equipment list
Backpacking kit list UK – making tea on the summit of the Old Man of Coniston – my backpacking cooking gear is in the foreground.

Backpacking with my car
Lightweight camping – Scotland April 2016

Year by year I have written a review of my gear – the 2016 review is here:

My Backpacking Gear 2016

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