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The cathedral again! ‪@OctagonT @TheBNLincoln @TheLincolnHotel @PositiveNW ‬

Lincoln Minster from The Lincoln Hotel

This time I photographed the Minster from the function room in The Lincoln Hotel, where I then had an excellent lunch at the Lincoln Business Network.

This blog was posted just before midnight, because after that networking event finished I went to Peterborough for this evening’s Positive Networking meeting.

Working today – network plan but I have removed the secret information! @OctagonT

I am off to London this week, to meet with a supplier for one of our clients, so I needed to work today.

We need a network diagram for a meeting later this week, so our client can easily understand their network. The final version of this diagram includes; IP addresses, firewall specifications, security arrangements etc, things I would never share on social media. The final document is also stored in encrypted storage.