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I have been tweaking my lightweight backpacking cooking kit.

lightweight backpacking cooking kit

I have replaced my Alpkit Kraku stove with the latest version. I bought one of the original models when they were released in December 2013 and it has done excellent service, but the o-ring seal became unreliable in September last year. Alpkit sent me some replacement rings but they kept failing – the latest design has a higher valve assembly and a different type of o-ring. So it was time for a new stove.

I have changed my tea-towel for a lightweight pack towel, replaced the battered homemade windshield for another homemade windshield and found an even lighter lid to use as a chopping board.

Walking in the Rydal Valley

The weather improved today so I travelled a few miles up the road past Rydal, parked and went walking and geocaching. Geocache score for the day 2.

Helm Crag
I think the rainbow is on Helm Crag

I crossed the river between Grassmere and Rydal Water and climbed up from there towards Loughrigg Fell. It stayed dry and sometimes sunny where I was but I could see the rain in the distance.

Fell walking in the Lake District

Loughrigg Terrace
Loughrigg Terrace

Lake District Fell

At lunchtime I found a convenient bench, with a great view.


Alpkit cooking system
Alpkit cooking system with Sea to Summit pack and Platypus 1l roll up water bottle

I had a number of visitors when I stopped for lunch

Rydal Water
Rydal Water

New gear – Rab silk sleeping bag liner

Rab silk sleeping bag liner

The seams on my old silk sleeping had started to fail after over 15 years of service. I had repaired it several times but the silk was still giving way.

Jeremy and Michael bought this replacement for me for Christmas. It weighs less than the old one at 128g against 153g but is longer at 185cm.

Download my current itemised and weighed backpacking kit list here.

Camping at the hotel!

Camping at the hotel

I decided to stay at a hotel nearer to where Jeremy is now living in Edinburgh – the Budget Ibis. The rooms are basic, but fine for a night or two and reasonably cheap. They do not however supply a kettle – so I packed my own and included porridge, homemade raspberry jam and fresh coffee for breakfast.

My lightweight camping cook set.

The cable and adaptor is for my iphone so I could watch videos on the TV.

The day turned out to be damp, cold and overcast so we ended up watching The Grand Tour and the Saints verses the Cardinals at Jeremy’s flat – hence this is Today’s Photo!

New gear – Sawyer Mini Water Filter

New gear - Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The seal on my water filter bottle failed so I have replaced it with this lighter weight model. The set came with a bottle for the untreated water, a direct use straw and a cleaning kit.

It will also fit onto the roll up water bottles I already own and commercial drink bottles with a standard 28mm thread.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Specifications and description