Mobile Technology

My job keeps me out of the office most of the time and has done since we set the company up in 1995. So I have always been interested in mobile technology and I have been a big real world user of many mobile gadgets.

My Current Mobile Technology

Here is my current mobile technology kit:

32GB memory stick – set up with PortableApps.
Stored on this drive is a comprehensive collection of the essential software I need to do my job.

iPhone 6S, 64GB model with a protective wallet and toughened glass screen protector.

iPad Mini, 32GB. I use a fold round case to protect it and to prop the iPad up so I can use it for presentations or to angle it for comfortable typing.

This is the must have software to make the iPhone and iPad “work friendly”.

* Microsoft Office for iOS – so I can work away from my PC.
* Microsoft OneNote – a great note taker and information organiser, excellent on both the iPhone and the iPad.
* Microsoft OneDrive – 1TB of online storage.
* Microsoft Outlook – integrated email client for all the above Microsoft tools.
* Pocket Cloud Pro from Wyse – secure RDP with the controls designed for small screens, discontinued now but still a great RDP client.
* Net Analyzer network scanner.

For WordPress

* BlogPad Pro – for the iPad
* PressSync Pro – for the iPhone

Linx 8 Windows 10 Tablet, 32GB. I replaced the Mobile version of Office with the Office 365 2016 versions. I have a 32GB memory card fitted for extra storage and link a dedicated “Tablet” folder in Microsoft OneDrive which I synchronise with my laptop back at my home office.

Extra Power

Emergency battery pack – this is an every day carry – it clips onto the bottom of the iPhone, with an adaptor, and will recharge the phone to about 70% of capacity. The unit is recharged using a mini USB lead and my Apple mains plug charger. To use this accessory with my iPhone 6S I have an adaptor – which is small and I have to take particular care so I do not lose it!

25AH Battery Pack – I use this mainly for keeping my gadgets charged when backpacking and walking, but I have also used it on train journeys, for work, to keep my phone charged. (Details here.)

Apple mains charger with folding terminals – I can charge everything with it.

Charging cables – Apple Lightning cable, dual micro-USB/Lightning USB cable and short versions of both types of micro-USB cables.

Other Tech

  • Victorinox Cyber Tool
  • Leatherman P4 Squirt (original version)
  • AAA Cell Maglite LED Solitaire
  • 2x AA cell LED pen light – a larger torch is useful when exploring in lofts and under football stadiums.
  • Jeweller’s magnifying glass
  • A selection of bootable memory sticks for Trojan/Virus recovery
  • Small brush – it came from a make up set and is ideal for cleaning heat sinks, keyboards etc
  • Plastic pry tool – for opening phone cases and similar clipped together equipment
  • Multi-tip miniature screw driver
  • Small CAT-5 punch down tool
  • Extra empty memory sticks – they are just useful
  • 2TB USB portable hard drive – sometimes the clients have no backup what so ever, so we always take a backup before starting any job with a failure risk
  • Small selection of network cables and a spare USB cable
  • ADSL phone filter
  • Selection of screws including some rack nut and bolt sets


Acer Aspire One Netbook

I have a high spec HP Probook laptop running Windows 10 Pro, which I carry if I need it for a job. Looking for a lighter, smaller, everyday carry option I found an old unused Acer netbook in the company store cupboard – it had had four different users before and it was abandoned! I thought this would be a useful portable computer for me, however it was an XP machine, which is now a bit old so I installed a lightweight version of Linux – Lubuntu in it.

This install of Linux has breathed new life back into an old netbook and it works so well that Octagon Technology has changed a number of old laptops for clients to this operating system.

For more details see here, here and here.