Dinner at Lauder Campsite – Scotland ‪@CampAndCaravan

Dinner at Lauder Campsite - Scotland ‪@CampAndCaravan

I have to be in Edinburgh tomorrow for Jeremy. Because of a project I am heading up for Octagon Technology, the original plan was to break the journey this evening in a hotel. However I managed to complete all my tasks by lunchtime, which meant it was a good excuse to get away from Lincoln early and spend a night at one of my favourite campsites.

Dinner was an upmarket, Japanese “pot noodle”, which was very good, tea and M&S, Lemon and Lime Jaffa Cakes.

Charging the #mysteryphone @BBCRadioLincs @OctagonT

I was on the mystery phone, on the William Wright show today, on BBC Radio Lincolnshire talking about IT support, cybercrime and backups for business.

Just before William called me he spoke about how the phone has been out and about for several months and is accompanied by business cards and a charger. So I thought as Octagon is an IT company I’d better charge the phone before passing it on.

Charging the #mysteryphone @BBCRadioLincs @OctagonT