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‪Working holiday – Making technology work for your business @prwilsonmedia @OctagonT

I am working today – so photo of the day is a choice between the shelves at Tesco, I need some milk, or the view I have whilst working on my presentation for “Making technology work for your business”. The view won.


Some of the tools I will be demonstrating as part of my presentation are the tools I am using right now, so I can comfortably work away from the office.

Forest Walking Inverdruie

Looking at the weather forecast for the week today looks like to coldest day I will have – it was 1c when I went out at about 11am. It does not look like I will see any snow this trip – except this in Colchester last week.

I headed out to walk in the forest near Inverdruie and to get a geocache that the boys and I walked past last summer.

Here it is

It was easy today to find somewhere quiet to set up for lunch.

Lightweight walking lunch

Lightweight walking lunch

Forest walking in Scotland

Forest Walking Inverdruie

I wrote this whilst watching the Falcons playing Green Bay in the NFC Championship game – the Falcons and Matt Ryan have controlled the first half. I have my iPod hooked into the TV with the Apple HDMI adaptor, I also packed a 1m HDMI cable. Glad I am not at last week’s Hapimag Bowness timeshare as the wifi there was nearly nonexistent. I could not use my NFL Game Pass live there, I had to avoid the scores and downloaded the games offsite on better wifi. The wifi here at Scandinavian Village is great.

Here comes the second half.

Walking and Geocaching

I headed out for a couple of miles walking today. The Craigellachie National Nature Reserve is a few minutes away from the timeshare so it is a regular destination when I do not want to get the car out. The plan was to walk a bit then find somewhere to make a brew, eat my lunch and read.

Craigellachie National Nature Reserve

Lunch stop

A few years back the boys and I used to go geocaching a lot. Then we stopped – the boys grew up and I started walking more on my own again and did not need the incentive of looking for a cache to get out and about. Now with both of them off looking for Pokemon – did I mention that they had grown up – I thought I would go and start searching for caches again.

Geocaching - Found it!
Found it!


Lunch using my Alpkit minimalist lightweight cookset
Lunch using my Alpkit minimalist lightweight cookset

Lightweight Sea to Summit pack
Map and compass
Rain jacket and bush hat
Backpacking cooking set
1l water
Sit mat – pads the back of the pack
Swiss Army Knife

Long sleeved lightweight shirt
Crag Hopper long trousers
Karrimor hiking shoes with Bridgedale hiking socks

Pocket first aid kit, pack of tissues, whistle, space blanket, length of cord, four large safety pins, glucose tablets
Head lamp
Emergency power pack for my smartphone
Lightweight roll up jumper, fleece hat and gloves