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Sharing an office with Nick ‪@firstaidnick @OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

For a change I am sharing a box, at the Football Stadium today, with Nick from Hargreaves First Aid. It was good to have company whilst working, but he was doing an online first aid course which spent a lot of time talking about blood, wounds and bleeding – I did not have to look at the pictures!

Sharing an office with Nick ‪@firstaidnick @OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

Excellent training today with a great group of people ‪@MotivationKeith @PositiveNW ‪@thr0ughthelens

‪@MotivationKeith @PositiveNW

I have spent my day working on presentation skills with other members of Positive Networking. The training was led by Keith Warren who really made us work hard examining what makes a good presentation and how we present. I had a really interesting breakout session with Keith and Adam from Through the Lens Photography where we worked on exploring different styles. It made both Adam and I think about what we say and how we say it.

If you want to gain great presentation skills then you should contact Keith and find out where and when you can hear him speak.

Back to work today ‪@OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus ‪@PositiveNW

Back to work today ‪@OctagonT @ImpsPremierPlus

Back in Box 12 today, looking at the Cathedral just coming out of the fog and LCFC’s well used pitch.

A full day of meetings planned, which includes Positive Networking tonight and my virtual in tray is full! At least Ian and his team had the coffee pot on when I arrived here this morning.

‪Working holiday – Making technology work for your business @prwilsonmedia @OctagonT

I am working today – so photo of the day is a choice between the shelves at Tesco, I need some milk, or the view I have whilst working on my presentation for “Making technology work for your business”. The view won.


Some of the tools I will be demonstrating as part of my presentation are the tools I am using right now, so I can comfortably work away from the office.