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Dinner at Lauder Campsite – Scotland ‪@CampAndCaravan

Dinner at Lauder Campsite - Scotland ‪@CampAndCaravan

I have to be in Edinburgh tomorrow for Jeremy. Because of a project I am heading up for Octagon Technology, the original plan was to break the journey this evening in a hotel. However I managed to complete all my tasks by lunchtime, which meant it was a good excuse to get away from Lincoln early and spend a night at one of my favourite campsites.

Dinner was an upmarket, Japanese “pot noodle”, which was very good, tea and M&S, Lemon and Lime Jaffa Cakes.

Updated website image

I have been tweaking my lightweight backpacking cooking kit.

lightweight backpacking cooking kit

I have replaced my Alpkit Kraku stove with the latest version. I bought one of the original models when they were released in December 2013 and it has done excellent service, but the o-ring seal became unreliable in September last year. Alpkit sent me some replacement rings but they kept failing – the latest design has a higher valve assembly and a different type of o-ring. So it was time for a new stove.

I have changed my tea-towel for a lightweight pack towel, replaced the battered homemade windshield for another homemade windshield and found an even lighter lid to use as a chopping board.

2000 days

2000 days

Today is the 2000th day of making “a photo a day”.

The first photo.

The 1000th post.

The photos have covered many subjects, from flowers and plants (one of my most popular subjects) to mountain views, camping and computer screens. The subjects of the images have been very varied, it depends on what catches my eye that day.

The photos made whilst camping, walking and backpacking are among my favourites.

Wild Camping – Old Man of Coniston

The view from my tent at 5am – hot coffee in hand

First “Camp Coffee” of 2016

Some days I get plenty of time to find a shot, others it is jammed into a busy schedule, hence the computer screens! Some photos have been for the Octagon Technology blog – that particular image was going to be yesterday’s photo but I passed a rose in my way home, that had caught a few rain drops, so I changed my mind.

Using my iPhone makes this project sustainable – it is always within reach and the image processing and blogging software is right there. Occasionally I have been without internet access and the photo has been posted the next day, (I adjust the blog date so the sequence is not broken), but that does not happen often.

No big tips on how to take a photo every day, except have your camera at hand.

So that’s it – day 2000, onto 2001, 2002, 2003…

The view from my tent at 5am – hot coffee in hand @OctagonT

Lauder Campsite - April snow
Lauder Campsite – April snow

I woke during the night to hear the patter of snow on my tent, but as I was warm in my goose down sleeping bag, I went back to sleep.

I woke up again at about 5am, made some coffee and shot this view from my tent, from inside my sleeping bag.