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2000 days

2000 days

Today is the 2000th day of making “a photo a day”.

The first photo.

The 1000th post.

The photos have covered many subjects, from flowers and plants (one of my most popular subjects) to mountain views, camping and computer screens. The subjects of the images have been very varied, it depends on what catches my eye that day.

The photos made whilst camping, walking and backpacking are among my favourites.

Wild Camping – Old Man of Coniston

The view from my tent at 5am – hot coffee in hand

First “Camp Coffee” of 2016

Some days I get plenty of time to find a shot, others it is jammed into a busy schedule, hence the computer screens! Some photos have been for the Octagon Technology blog – that particular image was going to be yesterday’s photo but I passed a rose in my way home, that had caught a few rain drops, so I changed my mind.

Using my iPhone makes this project sustainable – it is always within reach and the image processing and blogging software is right there. Occasionally I have been without internet access and the photo has been posted the next day, (I adjust the blog date so the sequence is not broken), but that does not happen often.

No big tips on how to take a photo every day, except have your camera at hand.

So that’s it – day 2000, onto 2001, 2002, 2003…

Yet another use for OneNote

Another use for #OneNote ‪@OneNoteC @OctagonT ‬

I have lost my voice and the doctor says, “no talking” so it can recover! My family and friends thinks this is really funny – plenty of jokes!

OneNote on my my iPad is coming to the rescue – I can easily write out notes on it to save my voice. If I want to “speak loudly” may be I’ll write in red.

At Octagon Technology we are big users of Microsoft’s OneNote. We particularly like:

  • the encryption security feature
  • that we can easily share a variety of information
  • that the information is then available across a variety of devices and platforms

Next Friday I am delivering a “hands on” seminar, with Paul, from PR Wilson Media, about how OneNote can help with social media content creation and management. Follow this link for more details and to book your free place.

Of course I need my voice back by then!

Remote Working – My office today…

I have come away this weekend as Octagon has a number of weekend projects scheduled over the coming weeks; but I also have some presentations to work on. So for today this is my office.

Remote working Octagon Technology - St Neots Camping and Caravan Club Site

Remote Working

Not only does remote working mean that our team can work from home, or client sites, or from the local wifi cafe. But especially for Diana and myself we can access our systems and information whilst we are away on holiday.

Read Octagon’s article about remote working which includes top tips and advice on how you can benefit from it.

On my agenda today:

  • Email and team scheduling using our secure hosted exchange
  • Collecting photos and other information for the presentations
  • Preparing the slides on my iPad using Microsoft PowerPoint connected to our OneDrive whilst writing my speaking notes using OneNote on my iPod
  • Phone meetings with both Kamila and Martin
  • A walk along the river into St Neots to find a good tea shop


Phone brackets and charging point in my MX-5

Whilst remote working to keep everything charged I have a USB charge plug in my MX-5 that supplies both 1A, for my phone and iPod and 2.1A for my iPad.

When the phone is in this bracket it is easy to use it as a personal hotspot so my wifi enabled devices can get on the Internet, this saves multiple SIM card costs.

Add to these my collection of tech gadgets, cables, brackets and chargers, a multi-coloured pen and a hard cover A5 notebook and I have everything with me to work away from home.

Ready for iOS 7 – Camera+

This post is about Camera+, but I need to start by talking about the WordPress app.

It seems that every time I turn my iPhone on apps want to update to “ready for iOS 7”. This has to be a good thing – unless they make a mistake see here. The look and feel of the new WordPress app is good, but some mistakes have crept in, I have found a missing button and as I am writing this post, add a link does not display well in horizontal mode. As I write most of my blog, on my iPhone with this app I hope they fix it soon.


The developers of Camera+ have also released an update – ready for the updated iOS – plus adding some great new features.

I used to use Camera+ as my main iPhone camera but a couple of updates back (when I had my iPhone 4) it really slowed down, so I stopped using it and switched to the iPhone camera app, which improved greatly when I later switched to an iPhone 5.

I still used the image editor, Light Box, included with Camera+. I particularly like the Clarify function and the Golden Section crop option.

The new Camera+ offers a couple of new options I want in a camera app.

Quick access to a square format image. I often crop my photos to a square, I like the influence a square frame has on my images. Now I can see the effect, in the camera, as I take the photograph.

a screen capture of Camera+ app showing the square format

The second feature I like is the exposure compensation control. I can now add and take away the exposure in 1/3 stops, just like I could on my real cameras. The results of this manipulation can be seen on the screen before the photo is taken.

a screen capture showing the ev control, right under my thumb

I am looking forward to using this updated Camera+ app and it looks like it will go back to being my “go to” camera app.

For more details about Canera+, visit the website here.

If you are going to update to iOS 7, make sure you read this article on Mashable – click here.

iPhone 5 – camera test


I went for a short walk today to test the quality of the Apple Camera app. The weather was against me being very misty. I used the church here in the village as a test subject.

In this shot I chose to expose for the church.


These two were made using the apps HDR option – I choose the save the orignal shot with the HDR version.

The original image:


The HDR image:


There is a new panorama option which I tried out on the church. It works by panning the camera rather than stitching a number of shots together. This was an easy way of making the shot and there is an on screen guide to assist with that.


I have taken some great panoramic shots using the Pano app so I will give this option a better try out in Scotland next week.

All the church shots are uploaded in full resolution – click on the images for the full size versions.

The tiles were shot using the Camera+ app in high resolution mode and then resized for the post so it will display in Facebook.

I am looking forward to trying all my camera apps during my trip to Scotland and the coming weeks – looks like it may be a photo everyday for 2013 – I haven’t missed one yet!!