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New gear – Rab silk sleeping bag liner

Rab silk sleeping bag liner

The seams on my old silk sleeping had started to fail after over 15 years of service. I had repaired it several times but the silk was still giving way.

Jeremy and Michael bought this replacement for me for Christmas. It weighs less than the old one at 128g against 153g but is longer at 185cm.

Download my current itemised and weighed backpacking kit list here.

Thank you Alpkit – great customer service

A couple of weeks ago, on a trip, I had a problem with my Aplkit Kraku ultra-light stove. When I got home I tested the stove again with a different gas bottle but the join was still leaking. It turned out that over time and use the seal washer had compressed and so was leaking. When I emailed Alpkit and explained the problem they quickly supplied a replacement and a spare washer. I have had the stove a couple of years and use it a lot – Alpkit’s customer service cannot be beaten.

Alpkit ultra-light cooking equipment
Alpkit ultra-light titanium, pot/mug, stove and folding spoon – the recycled Coke bottle holds enough water for a mug of tea.

Out walking and geocaching
Out walking and geocaching on a sunny, late autumn Sunday morning.

Here are details of my lightweight cooking gear and the pouch of supplies in the photo.

New gear – Sawyer Mini Water Filter

New gear - Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The seal on my water filter bottle failed so I have replaced it with this lighter weight model. The set came with a bottle for the untreated water, a direct use straw and a cleaning kit.

It will also fit onto the roll up water bottles I already own and commercial drink bottles with a standard 28mm thread.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Specifications and description

New cooking kit photo – new Alpkit gear

I have added some new Alpkit gear to my lightweight backpacking and camping cook set.

backpacking cooking kit - new Alpkit gear - a titanium mug with a lid and a titanium folding spoon

I have a busy weekend of paperwork for Octagon.

Alpkit gear

However I am going camping in Scotland for Easter – so I took some time off to sort my backpacking cooking kit and make a new annotated photo for the website.

The main changes this year are the new bits of Alpkit kit – a titanium mug with a lid and a titanium folding spoon. This is a bit of kit that when added to the micro sized Alpkit Kraku stove makes a real minimalist cook set.

Alpkit is a great UK company, producing great gear at a reasonable price – we should support them.

Spice box for camping

I bought this Light My Fire spice box in the summer in Scotland, but I only found it again this morning when I went to sort out my camping food tin.

Light My Fire spice box

The spice pot was in in a sale box for a pound as the packaging had been lost. There are markings on two of the sections – “S” and “P” but as I use salt and pepper packets from cafes I have put sumac, in the “S”, smoked paprika in the “P” and garam masala in the third. All of these spices are very useful when I am camping or backpacking as they are “shake over” rather than “cook in” spices so I can easily jazz up my food.