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Backpacking cookware – walking in the cold and rain – and lunch ‪@Alpkit‬

Time to try out some new backpacking cookware.

Having spent the morning working on Octagon time sheets, spread sheets and presentations, I headed off at lunch time for a walk across the Lincolnshire fields.

A couple of weeks back, I bought an Alpkit MytiPot 900 and thought I would give it a try out today. I packed a homemade ready meal (fresh pasta, homemade Italian tomato sauce with mushrooms), and my lightweight Alpkit cooking gear.

  • Kraku stove
  • MytiPot 900
  • MytiMug 400
  • SnapWire spoon

The walk was grey, wet, cold and muddy underfoot but it was away from my laptop. I took my mind off the weather with “The Girl who Played with Fire” audiobook on my iPod.

Alpkit lightweight backpacking cookware

In a small wood near the village I found a fallen tree that made a good seat for lunch. I boiled the water for my coffee in the titanium mug first, then heated the pasta in the Alpkit MytiPot, stirring it well.

Alpkit lightweight backpacking cookware
I carried the backpacking cookware in a Finnish gas mask bag

Titanium backpacking cookware is excellent if all you consider is the weight and strength. The problems come with the cost and cooking in a thin walled pot. Alpkit helps with the cost – their prices are lower than other suppliers and they have a comprehensive selection of backpacking cookware.

My top tip if you use your titanium backpacking cookware for more than just boiling water, is stir the food well… very well. The titanium conducts the heat efficiently, but hot spots easily form and then the food burns. I stirred my lunch constantly and moved the pot over the burner and still some food caught. You can see the results below, not a disaster, but if I had stopped stirring things could have gone very badly. If it burns too much is may also spoil the food.

backpacking cookware

Why did I buy more backpacking cookware?

  • Top of the list is that Diana and I are going camping together and I wanted a titanium “kettle” large enough to brew tea for two.
  • I want to do more cooking when lightweight camping – rather than just reheating food.
  • This size and shape of pot could be used as a bowl to eat out of or for washing up etc.

Thank you Alpkit – great customer service

A couple of weeks ago, on a trip, I had a problem with my Aplkit Kraku ultra-light stove. When I got home I tested the stove again with a different gas bottle but the join was still leaking. It turned out that over time and use the seal washer had compressed and so was leaking. When I emailed Alpkit and explained the problem they quickly supplied a replacement and a spare washer. I have had the stove a couple of years and use it a lot – Alpkit’s customer service cannot be beaten.

Alpkit ultra-light cooking equipment
Alpkit ultra-light titanium, pot/mug, stove and folding spoon – the recycled Coke bottle holds enough water for a mug of tea.

Out walking and geocaching
Out walking and geocaching on a sunny, late autumn Sunday morning.

Here are details of my lightweight cooking gear and the pouch of supplies in the photo.