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Sunday morning walk – Finnish Gas Mask Bag – First Aid Kit – StarShipSofa

New kit today – Finnish gas mask bag.

I got out this morning for a short walk around the village, just as the early morning mist was lifting. The day was much warmer than I expected so the heavy coat I had on was too much. I had saved this week’s episode of StarShipSofa to listen too whilst on this walk. There was interesting short story in this week’s show a mix of Philip Marlowe and E.T.

Branston Hall Hotel Lincolnshire

There were snowdrops everywhere I looked.


Woodland snowdrops in Lincolnshire


Tea and a Finnish Gas Mask Bag

A stop for a brew - Finnish gas mask bag, Alpkit Kraku gas stove (behind a wind shield) and a Sea to Summit alloy spoon

I found a spot in the sun, tucked behind some bushes and out of sight of the many dog walkers who were out.

I had packed my gear in a bag I bought on my recent visit to Morecambe. There was an excellent stall in the indoor market selling Army surplus at exceptional prices. As well as this bag I bought some military gloves and a Norwegian wool shirt. He is not on the internet or email and just sells in this market, so if you want a bargain you have to go there.

I think this shoulder bag was originally designed as a gas mask bag, for the Finnish Army and is new, having never been issued. It is a useful size, with a third/two thirds divider in the main bag and a selection of smaller pockets inside with snap down flaps. The main bag lid is shaped and also snaps shut securely.

Contents of my Finnish gas mask bag

There is plenty of room for my backpacking cook set, water, food, sit mat and first aid kit and pockets for smaller bits of gear.

Paracord loops sewn on the gas mask haversack to hold extra gear - Finnish gas mask bag mods

I have sewn some paracord loops on the bag so I can attach extra gear or a wet waterproof using elastic cord. I also want to add some stronger loops on the bottom of the bag, again to allow me to carry extra gear. (See here for the loops in action.)

The Finnish gas mask bag came with a waist strap, which I have carefully cut off. I did not think I would use it and just looping the belt up made the back of the bag uncomfortable to wear.

This will make a great bag for day walks – I have used my old British World War II gas mask case (which I bough when I was 11!) on some short trips, but age has started to catch up with it.

Update – March 2015 – click here